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You’ve probably seen a couple around, hanging from the edge of a table holding a designer bag off the ground. We discovered our first pursehook exactly the same way and it had us at hello. We think every girl should have her signature POOQ. We think every purse deserves its own.
We brainstormed and fused our love of jewelry, fashion and design with a gadget that defies gravity. Our commitment is to be recognized as the Louis Vuitton of pursehooks. Each of our POOQs are designed in-house in Vancouver, Canada. We are committed to launching a new collection of POOQs every fashion season and eventually we want to see a POOQ for every special occasion.
We’re inspired by the classic European café culture, the essence of living life with the luxury of time and patterns, colors and shapes found in the fashion world. We want you to treat your POOQ like it’s your favorite piece of jewelry.

Location: Canada, British Columbia