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Yellow silk dress, leopard print belt, red lips
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Sue at YujuUK
Aug 13th 2011
The belt's a great finishing touch, a very subtle use of animal print that works well. With all the animal print filling the high street shops this Autumn its very easy to get carried away.

Sep 27th 2011
ooo I love this... the color and the leopard go perfectly together!
Jan 11th 2012
Stunning colour on her skin, perfect fit, complimenting hair and make up with a touch of twist in the belt. Keep it simple when making a statement and you too can look this good....best I have seen so far.
Dec 10th 2015
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Dec 11th 2015
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Uploaded by: PennyPincherFashionista
Categories: Hair, Dress, Accessories
Location: USA, New York
Uploaded on: Jul 14th 2011
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