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Today's Look: Neon & Leopard!
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Today's Look: Neon & Leopard! 

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Jan 25th 2014
know, if you think about it, the One Piece world is pretty darn rtteon. You've got the world government on one side, with nobles whom you can't defy for fear of certain death, a whole century that they're willing to stop at nothing to cover etc. On the other side, there are insanely powerful pirates running around pillaging and murdering on a whim. Yes, there are people like Luffy and the gang, but it seems that the world as a whole isn't a very pleasant place.
Feb 7th 2014
I remember a few days after John Lennon's death, my Mom, Dad, one of their<a href=""> fedinrs</a> and myself went to Bartlett Square in downtown Tulsa Oklahoma. They had a big memorial there where I read recently that more than a thousand fans gathered for it. I remember people crying, and people singing along to Beatles songs that were being played. I was 6 at the time. I was raised on the Beatles by my parents. I remember seeing some other little kids playing by some downtown art sculptures, and running over to play with them. We were laughing and running around and climbing around the art work. I remember it got really quiet, which must have been when people were observing 10 minutes of silence. I went back over to my parents. I saw more people crying and suddenly felt remorse for playing, laughing and making new<a href=""> fedinrs</a>. Someone important had died. I started crying and told my mom that I felt bad for playing.My Mother lifted my spirits and told me that John Lennon would be happy to know that children were playing together at his memorial.

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Uploaded by: DRMAMIDALLAS78
Categories: Pants
Styles: Bold, Unique
Location: USA, Texas
Uploaded on: Nov 7th 2013
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