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Spring Style 

My husband and I renewed our wedding vows a few weeks ago and I wore this dress and little jacket. The dress is sleevless and has a real late fifties/early sixties vibe. I wore it with patent heels.
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Mar 20th 2010
I love the retro feel to this outfit! The print is gorgeous.
Mar 24th 2010
i bet he "loves his wife"
Mar 24th 2010
Ya better freakin' believe it!
Jul 12th 2010
The big print is Gorgeous! Love satin-ish shiny dress<3
Jul 6th 2011
I love the print and colours:-)
Feb 5th 2012
it looks a little bit oriental for me, and u look awesome!!!!
Feb 5th 2012
u look gorgeous:) and also the baby pic on the fridge is also super cute!!! lol.
Jul 19th 2012
Looks like a negligee...

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Uploaded by: Laurieh630
Categories: Dress
Location: USA, California
Uploaded on: Mar 19th 2010
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