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My Pretty Blue Shoes 

(Phone quality photo)
I LOVE these shoes! So pretty, and what a bargain... Sales are so grand :)

Can't wait for a special night soon to wear them out!
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Jan 21st 2014
Open Windows key verse for today: 1 Chronicles 29:11Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the vitcory and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as head above all.Perfect timing, as always!
Jan 22nd 2014
Last night in the Restaurant that my wife works at a group of Obama's children came into the <a href="">renarutast</a> and assaulted an employee that was waiting for her husband to pick her up to steal her Iphone.. My wife and I were watching the Olympics at home when we received the call from the job about the robbery and assault. My wife needed to come down to the store since she has the key to the cabinet where the security video are. She proceeds to go there and begins to show the cops the videos of the perpetrators as well as try to console her employee who as you might imagine is quite shaken by the experience.My wife proceeds to show the video of the incident and you can see how Obama's children surrounded the female employee and then how they ran out of the store. Unfortunately the camera did not capture the actual assault but it caught them leaving the <a href="">renarutast</a>. At the time there were several guests and employees who witness the assault and theft as well. The cops after watching the video and noticing the all the perpetrators appeared to be underage and since the video did not capture the actual assault due to the angle, completely lost interest. Some Obama's kids are stupid as much as bold were still in the parking lot hanging around, except for the young female thug that stole the Iphone and punched the employee. The cops detained one of Obama's kids to question him and then gave him a trespassing warning and told them that they were violating curfew and go home.The cops did not arrest any of Obama's kids just gave trespass notices to some even though they have been observed on video assisting in a robbery and assault. The cops did not even write an incident report for the employee so that she could replace it with the insurance. All of this was happening as my wife was in the office calling her superiors and informing her of the situation.My wife gets done and as she is approaching she notices that all the cops are outside and getting ready to leave. She asks for a report number and is informed that none will be made that the employee can go to the precinct and file a complain. Furthermore she is told that all the kids were underage and since no video was available it was out of their hands.My wife was flabbergasted with the cops, and asks them to file a report, she is told that a detective will come by sometime in the next 48 hours to make a copy of the video. She then asks but wait a minute some of them were still loitering in the parking lot, and the answer was that if they don't leave in 15 mins to call them back and they would be removed from the premises. They did warn her that since it would not be an emergency that it might take them some time for them to come back.After the police left one of Obama's thug kids came back into the <a href="">renarutast</a> and made threatening motions to the employees and derogatory remarks to the employee. My wife is going to file a formal complaint against the department in the morning. Soon this will become just another case where predatory kids of AA descent attack someone of lighter complexion. When my wife came and told me the story I called to precinct to inquire about this, and was told very succinctly that this was a common occurrence and that this was the policy since those kids would not behave this way alone only in groups. She also told me that unless the victim was seriously hurt or the value of the property was enough for a felony the cops would just disperse them and send them on their way, because there was nothing the Juvenile Courts would do to them and they were back anyway.I asked if this was a good idea, since it would contribute to more attacks in the future, the answer was perhaps but there was nothing that could be done about it. I had a few choice ideas as what should be done but I held my tongue. BTW the employee that was assaulted and robbed was white hispanic and the assailants were all black, and she will be fine bruised but fine this time.

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Uploaded by: Sehra
Categories: Shoes
Location: Australia
Uploaded on: Jan 12th 2011
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