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London Fashion Week SS13 - Day 1 Outfit 

Yves Tee from Area 51, NZ
Wax Jeans from Max, NZ
Zara Doctors Bag
Pj jacket from
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Dec 25th 2012
you should get a tatoo of that on your fngeir. its sweet. very chinese-ish. maybe thats my inner azn talking. maybe you should get it shaved in your head.also. this blog is great, i dont' think i've realized till your blog how wonderful it is to find out what you're up to acrosss the seasss.your presences is missed. i think there is a hovering danny ghost in the cloisters where you once sat.but anyway. saucesome sauce.

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Uploaded by: LadyM
Categories: Tops
Location: UK
Uploaded on: Sep 15th 2012
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