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Jenny Butters (Dailybedlam)
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Jenny Butters (Dailybedlam) 

Casual cocktail outfit for those with legs to show.
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Nov 22nd 2009
Too revealing...Not very chic or tasteful.
Dec 7th 2009
not feeling this... :/
Becca T
Dec 26th 2009
Another look for the corner of 5th and Main!
Dec 26th 2009
This look doesn't say cocktail party, it screams worst dressed list.
Jenny Butters
Dec 27th 2009
And it would take a very pretty girl like yourself riddled with obvious finesse to notice that, of course. Well done!
Jan 10th 2010
I'm not an expert in the fashion industry, but im doing my homework because I want to go to college to become a Fashion Designer. In my opinion, I dont like this. the womans legs are toned and beautiful, but the outfit is not flattering and it doesnt wow me. it doesnt seem like a typial "cocktail outfit or dress" not a fan of this ensamble. sorry!
Jun 5th 2010
Great legs Jenny!
Jun 5th 2010
In these days where obesity is so fashionable.
Jul 9th 2010
Jenny's attractive, but it's NOT a flattering look, even with great legs! The skirt is slit too high, not to mention, the silhouette doesn't look modern.
Henri Fabre
Jul 11th 2010
As a Fashion Critic for Vogue I can say this outfit is precisely in fashion right now and the legs are shown to their best. Which is what a slit in a skirt has to do. The slit is not too high at all. I'd say perfection.
Anna Wintour
Oct 20th 2010
So I'm pretending to be Anna Wintour now. Cool, huh? :D
Oct 21st 2010
Awesome ,
Hot ! :)

Nov 23rd 2010
Wow! That's hot but I'm not sure I'd dare to wear it :)
Jenny Butters
Nov 25th 2010
You are kidding me. It's 2010 and it's tame compared with what is being worn in Europe this year. Cheers, Jenny
rachat de credit
Jan 4th 2011
Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel
Jan 13th 2011
This is similar to my new range for this year. In fact perfect for my new 2011 Show.
Sep 16th 2011
Pretty girl but unflattering dress, it looks trashy to say the least. I don't think the dress itself is appropriate for anyone. Pretty girl though.
Sep 16th 2011
You are showing a lot of skin, but if you like the look go for it. We all have our own personal style.
[email protected]
Jan 26th 2012
I think, its horrible,the slit makes d dress look more like she's bin in a wardrobe accident, than a cocktail ensemble.+ it doesn't sit well at all on her particularly the jacket!!!!
Jan 26th 2012
Too revealing for the cocktail hour.
Jan 26th 2012
Great tango dress...
Mar 30th 2012
I'm not keen on the make up. It's aging. The top looks like a tshirt with writing. I would rather see a plain top. Good cut; when revealing a lot of leg, don't go overboard on top. My real problem is with the jacket. If you are too young to remember the eighties, then you may not understand. It's a cross between a short puffed-sleeved jacket and those members only ones. Although this one looks like it has big slit pockets. I would be curious as to the designer and age. I love the color, but I get creeped out by orange n black and coral is a little too close. (the HaLlloween ref.) maybe try a different colored top and then the third color will really bring u into a springy feeling. I wear black all the time. But I do occationally through on a blue dress or a multicolored Desigual piece when in the mood. Free People takes up a lot of my closet. They make basic go tos. I can grab things with a blind fold on.
Good luck. U are so beautiful. Would luv to work w/ u!

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Uploaded by: dailybedlam
Categories: Skirt
Location: UK
Uploaded on: Sep 11th 2009
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