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Hippie Style by Kaethe Maerz 

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Jan 21st 2014
I have been so bedeiwerld in the past but now it all makes sense!
Jan 21st 2014
Yes, this is how competitions have to be run, it is a legal <a href="http://rzsobtmmrw.com">maettr</a>. It is not that we want to keep and use anyone's designs, far from it. The sketches themselves are not of use to us without the designer behind them. What we are trying to build is a showcase for designers and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed. The competition is to find the first designer to work with us, after that we hope to take on more designers.We are essentially a small start-up company and our focus is the designers, the sketch competition is a way of finding new designers. We want to work with the talented people out there. So while we legally say that we own the designs this is to protect us, not to prevent you from using the designs yourself somewhere else. If you do, we really do not mind, we just want the winner's designers to be original.Anyone running a competition has to add in a number of legal protections. So are we going to use anyone's work without their permission? Absolutely not. Do we need to protect ourselves? Yes, hence the clause that we will own all the artwork submitted. If you check the terms and conditions of any competition or contest you will find this to be the case.We are very happy to answer further questions on this as we completely understand how the designer, as an artist, feels about submitting their work, so please write back if we have not clarified this enough.

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Uploaded by: KaetheMaerz
Categories: Hair, Beauty, Tops, Pants, Vintage, Glasses/Sunglasses
Location: Germany
Uploaded on: Jun 6th 2012
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