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Grunge Meets Schoolgirl Style 

HI I AM STILL DEAF BECAUSE I STOOD NEXT TO THE SPEAKERS AT A SHOW LAST NIGHT AND NOW I’M PRETTY SURE I’M SHOUTING AT EVERYONE SO APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE I ENCOUNTER TODAY - but I’ll spare you the e-shouting. Anyway, I’m not sure when different variations of a school girl look became my go-to, but it’s what I do when I oversleep or have like no time to get ready. I reach for a button-down shirt, a sweater and a skirt, in any combination. Since most of my clothing is a little edgier, I like to think I’m making this grunge-meets-French-girl-chic thing happen, but it probably just looks like I’m getting nostalgic for my private school uniform days. Whatevs. So today’s combination is built around my Opening Ceremony cat sweater – one of my favorites. It’s layered over a technicolor Navajo-inspired flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters and because I felt like there still wasn’t enough chaos in the neck area, I added a rainbow-hued crystal necklace. Topped off with more look-at-me in the form of my gold-plated YSL loafers. Sixteen-year-old uniform-wearing me WISHES she had these.
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Jan 11th 2013
Love the combo, I think it works just great. And if you don't mind me saying, keep expressing yourself creatively, it's enough conformity and boring in the world :-)
Jan 25th 2014
Really liked the grass texture icons and also the furry cuihson icons Love icons, I'll use them a lot for my folders on my computer, to keep me organised. But great for websites too of course. Thanks for sharing.
Feb 7th 2014
You've made Christmas shopping easy for me this year a Brazos <a href="">waniklg</a> stick it is (or at least one gift)! I couldn't think of anything else I could possibly buy for my boyfriend when it came to photography equipment, but this will be helpful in more ways than one. I know he will love it! Thanks.

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Uploaded by: SobbingOnFifth
Categories: Tops, Skirt, Shoes, Jewelry, Shirts, Sweaters
Location: USA, New York
Uploaded on: Dec 23rd 2012
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