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Front Buttons closure blouse
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Front Buttons closure blouse 

Front Buttons closure blouse
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Jan 21st 2014
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Jan 21st 2014
RheLynn - thank you on the lovely <a href="">comnemt</a>! The sleeve is quite easy to be made. The machine stitch is regular - you do the gathering yourself. The sleeve is actually two pieces and when you join them with the center piece the sleeves acquire this shape. Maybe I didn't explain it well. I can e-mail you the technical drawing if you like. It's a Burda (the magazine)pattern.
Sep 9th 2014
New Lovely Saree Blouse Pattern,

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Uploaded by: sexygirlname
Categories: Tops
Styles: Unique
Location: India
Uploaded on: Nov 23rd 2013
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