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Alice in Wonderland Be Wicked Costume
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Jan 20th 2014
it's a double stnaadrd because if he was slapping a man no one would care.-Commander says that he changed too many variables so the argument is invalid.-A variable (or more specifically an independent variable ) is the attribute or quality a researcher will change to observe the altered output (or dependent variable ) of an experiment.-Ideally an experiment changes one variable at a time for the most reliable results. For example, if you want to measure what freezes faster, hot water or cold water, your only variable should be the temperature of the water. All of the other variables such as the volume of the water, the purity of the water, and the temperature of the freezing chamber must remain constant for accurate results. If you froze 10mL of cold filtered water in a shallow pan at -5C vS 20mL of warm salt water in a graduated cylider at -35C, too many variables would have been changed and the results would be dismissable.-Duke altered his target from a small woman in her underwear to a large man in body armour, so too many variables have been altered to validate his hypothesis.-In an effort to minimize the number of variables, they strip Fenix down to a comparable percentage of exposed flesh. (it should be known that this still does not minimize the variables to one, an ideal experiment would either make the girls 250lb bodybuilders or the men equally small and helpless, but that wouldn't be as funny)-Duke realizes that yes, people will probably end up complaining if he makes a game out of carrying around and slapping a swimwear-clad Fenix.-Commander informs him that as long as everyone is complaining the same amount, he will be allowed to play his game in peace. This does not mean that people will stop complaining all together, but an equally negative response all around will balance the scales.The only point the comic is trying to make is that a large man in body armour is not the same thing as small woman in a bikini. If you missed that, well, I guess that's your bad, I can't really make it any clearer for you. The comic is not denying that double stnaadrds exist, only stating that in this case too many variables have been altered to claim that double stnaadrds are to blame for the controversey. Nor does it state that the inclusion of such a minigame would make people stop complaining, only that it would make an equal number of people complain all around. Really, this comic is barely about sexism, equality or what developers should or shouldn't do at all; it's about people who skew the scientific process to force the results into suiting their hypothesis.Although, if you think that no one would complain about a Duke Nukem game that involved carrying around swimwear clad space marines and slapping their asses, I fear that you're overestimating the open-mindedness of what has become the console multiplayer environment. Perhaps watch the and consider how many of these players would respond to finding such a minigame in Duke Nukem next to Capture the Babe. So called straight male gamers have been noted to in other situations where games were made to appeal to a larger demographic by being more inclusive to all genders or sexualities, so I imagine a capture the hunk game would see a similar response.But hey, if I'm wrong, everybody thinks it's funny and no one has any issues at all then they should include both minigame variants. Everyone will be happy and get a lot of laughs, the arguments of the people complaining about sexism will be invalidated. No downside!
Jan 21st 2014
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Uploaded by: yalluredotcom
Categories: Dress
Location: USA
Uploaded on: Oct 5th 2013
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