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I’ve found My Next Pair of Shoes!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Contributed by Fashbo member allsmiles27


“My feet are killing me,
but aren’t these shoes cute!??”

Thanks to Auri Footwear, I never have to utter these words again! The Laguna Beach, California based company recently unveiled their first women’s collection that will be available in stores February 2010. Made with Italian leather and hand stitching, these ballet flats are not only stylish, but comfortable. There’s a shoe for every situation- professional, athletic, and party. It’s no wonder that stores like Fred Segal Feet are snatching them up. I can’t wait to pair them with all of my favorite outfits!

Website: http://aurifootwear.com/


Auri photo

Auri photo

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