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Fashbo Blog Inaugural Post… 80′s Makeup!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Hello fellow fashionistas….welcome to the inaugural edition of the Fashbo blog!  This is my official first entry and I hope you enjoy it.  I’m writing this on a plane going across country and can’t wait to be home.  Neither can the couple in front of me (don’t really think they knew each other before boarding) but have become fast “friends” after consuming approximately six, yes, count them…..six Heinekens.  And we’re still over Nevada…..

Anyhoo, on to fashion. September is an interesting month in the fashion world….if you go shopping, you can find some incredible deals on summer clothing but, you find your self looking at this great deal on an adorable sundress and wondering if you should really spend the money on something you really may only wear for a few more weeks OR save those benjamins for that great trench or pair of boots that you KNOW you are going to want for fall.  I say, take stock of your closet…..do you already have a million sundresses?  Is it really THAT cute or just a screamin’ good deal?  Will you wear it next season or is it uber trendy and may be totally out of style next year?  Think about it ladies….don’t impulse shop.

InStyle Fall 2009I like this month….if you purchase a fashion magazine in September, you start to get a peak in to what the trends and styles will be in the coming months.
It’s exciting…wets your appetite for fall…gets you thinking about your own wardrobe and what you can re-use or what you might buy to keep up with current trends.  My favorite so far?  80’s make-up.  Yes, you heard me….80’s make up is making a comeback girls.  At first, I immediately had flashbacks to the blue eye shadow and thick eyebrows my mom used to sport. However….after reading a bit further, I found myself actually thinking “you can do this…you can do 80’s make up and look good doing it!”  I think you can too….as long as you follow “the rules”.

80's Makeup

80's Makeup

1.        You can still use blue shadow….just make sure it’s not a really light powder blue or a deep navy.  Something in the middle of the blue hues and don’t do matte…go with something that has a little shimmer.

2.        Do not, I repeat, do not take the shadow all the way up to your eyebrows.  Covering the lid will do.  Try and soften the blue with a little plum colored shadow on the outside corners.

3.        Don’t use a blue liner too….enough is enough, know what I mean?  Think plum or something with a purple hue….not bright purple.

4.        Cheeks?  Stay away from the bright jewel tones….go for something that looks more natural, like a peach.

5.        And last, the lips…..heavy, bright lipstick is not going to look good with this unless you want to be mistaken for a drag queen.  Go for something light, like a gloss in a berry color….something close to the natural color of your lips with a hint of something darker….personally, I love Burt’s Bees.  Has a great menthol feel on your lips….I swear, it plumps.

6.        One last rule…don’t match your clothing to your eye shadow.  That’s definitely an 80’s trend we DO NOT want to bring back.  Think steel gray or black.

Now…queue up Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on your iPod and rock your 80’s make-up girl!


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