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This week we are drawing from the fashion talent pool in the UK yet again as we profile Rachel M Ebbs who’s prolific fashbo’s have livened up the pages of for many months now.  Rachel has a fashion website,, and she has just completed a relaunch of her site with fabulous results.  The site is very clean and polished with a great deal of in depth information coupled with some amazing photography, check it out.

Lady M

Lady M - Rachel Ebbs

1. Tell us about yourself.  Where are you from in the U.K.?  Can you draw fashion inspiration from where you live.
I’m 27 and from Hampshire originally but I’ve been living in Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK for the last 5 years.  I love fashion, fitness and travelling. I’m a fruit importer by day and write about fashion by night.  I travel a lot for work which is great to see different cultures and global fashion.  Tunbridge Wells has an eclectic style mix.  With some fabulous boutiques, channelling trends from London but with some great accessories and key pieces to tailor to your own style.

2.  What is fashion to you?
I prefer to think about style rather than fashion.  Style to me is the outward expression of self-absorbed elements of fashion, combined with personalisation and a release of the inner spirit.  One person’s style is another’s fashion nightmare.  For me style should remain classic but be adaptable and playful.  Fashion changes with the seasons and with the latest celebrities du jour, but style comes from each person within.  It is developed over the years as a reflection of character and everyone has a style; they just might not be aware of it or feel comfortable enough in their own skin to display it successfully
Fashion is discovery, everyone sees things differently.  I love walking through my favourite part of London – The South Bank and seeing everyones personal interpretation of the latest fashion.  We all take what is available to us and present it in our own unique, special way.

3.  How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style encompasses elegant soft tailoring and playful use of accessories.  I found casual outfits harder to put together as I love my smart work looks.  My current favourite style, hailing from early 1950’s Parisian fashion houses, encompasses the day dress teemed with elegant, well chosen accessories.  My style has developed over the years thanks to my love of fashion magazines, increased disposable income and the sense of freedom to be whoever I want to be.  To represent my name and my body how I choose to.

4.  Describe your perfect outfit ensemble.

I have a penchant for beautiful casual dresses; jersey, knit, printed, embellished – worn with skinny jeans, leggings, stockings (I never wear tights – stockings are far more beautiful and give a much better feeling of a put together outfit)  Matched with simple ballet pumps, fabulous teal faux snakeskin flats or 6 inch brightly coloured patent Mary-Janes, I complement the outfit with a row of single bright beads or a chunky over –sized wooden bangle, maybe with a Roman style, thick waist-synching belt.  A simple day dress, the right shoes and the right accessories can create a style that can be fitting and stunning for any occasion.

5.  Name your favorite and least favorite past or present fashion trend/fad.

I’m not a fan of the double denim that S/S10 runways were full of.  I just know I can’t pull it off without looking like a 1980′s throw back. Its just isn’t me.  I love the Vintage revival that this seasons shows brought us.  Simply because I love dresses and the pastels and florals that are coming out really make this seasons trends feel girly again.

6.  Your website, LadyM Presents found at is entertaining, informative and updated

regularly.  What was your inspiration behind writing your blog that has turned into this feature website?
Whilst talking to one of my friends about what we do that is creative, I realised that I didn’t really do anything that was creatively challenging.  I had written a lot when I was younger; poetry, for the school newspaper and I knew it was something I enjoyed doing.  My original blog – “The Trials and Tribulations of Lady M” started as a creative outlet for writing about my daily life.  But I realised it quickly turned into writing more and more about fashion and I’ve met some amazing designers recently who I wanted to feature and raise their profiles. The website is about featuring up and coming designers, beauty salons, writing about travelling and opening up the world to some very creative people who I believe need a chance to have their work put out there.

7.  Your blog profile mentions that you travel frequently.  Do you find yourself noticing differences in how people express themselves through fashion within the different regions you travel?

Most of my travel is in Europe and Central and South America.  I love traveling to France and Spain where there are some great fashions and ladies really carry off personal style well.  Paris is one of my favourite cities and the women ooze that classic french polished style.  I’m off to Italy soon and I know that there will be some very sharp styles and great fashions on parade there.  In Central and South America the fashion is more low key.  Colours are often more vibrant and in a lot of the poorer countries its not about the clothes that you have but the way you wear them.  I’m always interested to see how people are expressing their own styles in the different countries I visit.

8.  Your blog also mentions that you enjoy running.  Over the last 5 years or so we have noticed in the U.S. what seems to be a large increase in interest in stylish women’s sportswear.  Are you seeing a similar trend in the U.K.?

I think the increase in stylish women’s sportswear is just about coming to the UK, we’re a little behind.   Stella McCartney for Adidas is a great collection and a huge boost but what we also need is affordable, stylish womens sportswear.  For someone like me who hits the gym every day of the working week I need something that is stylish, thats going to be durable but is also not a huge investment.  Affordable sportswear is what I think the UK is lacking. If the clothing was more affordable then I think more people would be inspired to invest in a decent workout outfit and get active.


London Fashion Weekend Outfit

London Fashion Weekend Outfit

9.   You are one of our fave and fab fashbo members as you have posted enough looks to give us an excellent look into your fashion point of view.  The fashbo crew’s favorite is your London Fashion Weekend Outfit.   .  Did you end up wearing this look to London Fashion Week?  Was there anything in particular that drew you to this look?
I wore this dress with my gorgeous Chanel inspired jacket to the press night for London Fashion Weekend. Its smart but can be accessorised up or down and I felt comfortable enough for an evening event even though it as strapless.

10.  For those of us not fortunate enough to have attended London fashion Week.  Can you give us some insight into what the experience is like? The fabulous trends you observed, etc?  Do you have any photos you can share with the fashbo audience?

I went to Somerset House, the location for London Fashion Week and was fortunate enough to be interviewed for Norwegian radio about my experience there and why I love going so much.  There is just such a great buzz surrounding the shows and its a great showcase for British designers.  I went to the press night for London Fashion Weekend and back again for the main show with my girlfriends.  Its a fun event where they show the four key trends for S/S 10 – my review and photos can be found at my website.    (fashbo crew note:  Cick here to see the review and photo’s on Rachel’s website)

11.  What is your favorite fashbo you posted?  Do you have a favorite fashbo that someone else posted?

Hot Colour Block Trend Coral Ruffles

Hot Colour Block Trend Coral Ruffles

My current favourite fashbo posting is Hot Colour Block Trend Coral Ruffles, it shows off the latest trend for hot, statement colours. Normally coral pink isn’t my kind of colour but I was brave, teamed it with some lovely skinny jeans and great accessories and I feel really comfortable in it.  A great summer look.

MsGlam710's High Fashion

MsGlam710's High Fashion

I love the outfits that MsGlam710 puts together, High Fashion is one of my favourites.  Its a great weekend casual outfit but it well put together and accessorised. We both have a passion for shoes and she always shows off some great finds.

12.  Who is your favorite designer or designers?

I’m a huge fan of Alberta Ferretti who just designs the most flattering outfits.  I love Lanvin for sharp tailoring and key pieces.  It would be a dream to own a statement dress by Roland Mouret and I simply adore Isabel Marant’s collections

13.  What is your favorite Online location to shop.  What is your favorite retail place to shop?
I’m a huge fan of for handmade items.  I have some gorgeous handmade bags from America. I think its great to support small businesses who are trying to get their feet off the ground.  I also love Bod and Ted who opened a boutique in Tunbridge Wells in January.  Online I always head to – the Irish retailer who has some amazing pieces and always stays on top of the latest trends.

14.  From your blog it sounds as though you currently have a job that you enjoy.  Would you consider your current occupation your dream job?  If not, what would you consider to be your dream job?
I adore working in the fresh product industry but its a little like the stock exchange. Very fast paced, hugely exciting but also high pressure. I reckon I may burn out by 35!  Fashion and feature writing would be my next best dream job.  I have a dream that in a few years when I’m married with children, living in the countryside that I will be a freelance fashion writer and that way in my life I will have had two amazing careers.

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