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Retro 80's look 

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Dec 14th 2009
It looks like a Halloween Costume or 80s night at a club. A+ for effort, though.
Feb 14th 2010
I like it it is definitely for the club though. If I saw it in broad daylight I might not care so much, but it looks great on her and she looks confident. Confidence is 89% of the outfit. work it Ohanth play on colors is perfect
Jun 14th 2010
80's are not my thing... I really look hideous in those kind of clothing...
And I really think that red and pink should not be combined (at least not in this way)...
But as long as you feel good in it, then who am I to complain...
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Jun 25th 2010
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Jan 31st 2011
My eyes might have shed a tear. Color is great but this might be over-doing it.
Nov 7th 2011
u remind me of "Jem And The Holograms", great colors!
Jan 2nd 2012
The 80's was a great fashion wasteland. Honestly, both the hair and the clothes.

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Uploaded by: Dat1truchick
Categories: Dress
Location: USA, Florida
Uploaded on: Sep 2nd 2009
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